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 I Graduated from Eastern Washington University, with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a focus on Creative Writing.  Additionally, I spent two quarters as an assistant editor for the college's literary magazine, which was a much-appreciated look into the high paced and competitive world of publishing. I am also a published author with several short stories and poems to my name.  Over the past two years I have worked at UPS as a clerk specializing in data entry and address correction. 

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My Skillset

 I am well-versed in finding just the right combination of words to create a vivid mental image.  I have learned to quickly read through stories to identify problems in them and provide feedback to both the writers and editors. In order to meet UPS commit times, I have cultivated a skill of swiftly reading and entering changes into the computer system to redirect a package onto a new route. In addition, due to UPS's constant need to implement new operating systems, I have become very familiar with identifying changes in operating systems and how to use them. I have been able to make use of this skill when editing stories, poems, invoices, and other written documents.


My Passions

Writing is one of my greatest passions; whether in or out of the office I’m usually using whatever spare time I have to re-create (in insufficient word) the wondrous heights and heroic feats that spring in vivid detail from my mind. Travel and exploring are also past times I enjoy. It doesn’t matter if it’s planning a trip to Iceland or finding a remote trail in the forest that seldom has felt the tread of human feet. Even though there is so much of the world that is already known there’s always more to find, whether it’s a city you’ve never been to before or a country road you thought you knew every twist and turn, there is always something new to see. Another hobby I have is the study of history, I have always found something wondrous in learning about the past whether it’s the dinosaurs or the Roman Empire. There’s always something new to learn, like the Romans were the first to develop ball bearings or the controversy over micro Tyrannosaurus in paleontology circles.

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